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A. Santamaria Srl bases its proposal  on its  professional expertise  in the fixing and maintenance of electrical equipments. During its 70 years of experience in the industrial and naval sectors  it was possible to assess the economical advantages  and the benefits generated by the  maintenance organization.

Since many years we care the scheduled maintenance of engines and generators thus realising the many advantages granted to our customers by such activity The trend leads to prevent the many inconveniences, sometimes even serious ones, generated by an unexpected failure. Preventive maintenance plans  have been adopted by many customers, and it is now customary to take advantage from plants shutdowns it replace components parts according to a specific schedule.Such procedures not only allow savings on specific repair costs but, evenmore important,  reduce the risks for prodfucton stops due to unexpected  failures..

The diagnostics activity, implying a valuable reduction in the cost of the same scheduled maintenance activity, is a  further step toward saving. Such  inspections aim at checking  the real condition  of the equipments to identify and assess the even weak  signals of future damages.

Nondestructing tests, surveys and analyses are the bases of our  technical investigations made on the equipment when they operate regularly,  while specific actions are made during scheduled stops.   In other words we try to avoid works not made necessary  by the real situation of thge equipment. Such conditions may develop through the  time and their development allows to schedule more complete  maintenance operations.  

The process needs  skills  and adequate  instruments  to make effective analysis in short periods of time; our purpose is to cut down maintenance time and costs, by operating only when necessary, and granting, by the same time,  the maximum efficency of  the equipments.

 In order to achieve the goal to reduce costs and maximize the equipment’ efficiency  two basic elements support the action of Santamaria: First: to assess the true conditions of each  equipment, by analysing its significant parameters and studying  their evolution  through the  time. Second: to contact the customer  and discuss the results with its  technical staff in order to schedule times and methods for monitoring and operating.  Infact it’s important to meet  the needs of the production by adopting procedures aware of: the process, the installation, the characteristics of the installation base, the use conditions,  the present structure,  and many others.

  Our monitoring and diagnostic activities:  
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