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Balancing of rotors

due to mechanical and electrical construction reasons, ¬†the ¬†symmetry of rotors¬† ¬†in any rotating body  is not always perfect: the weight distributions are not perfectly uniform and may ¬†create unbalances that ¬†generate ¬†inertia forces causing ¬†cause vibration on the machine and ¬†leading ¬†to material fatigue failure.

Balancing tests are applicable to all rotating electrical machines, both synchronous and asynchronous, and to rotating components such as fans. 
For rotors weighing up to 10,000 kg and a rotation speed of 1,500 rpm.

It is possible to detect unbalances of weight, static and dynamic, which may cause abnormal vibration during operation.Dynamic unbalances are proportional to angular velocity and to asymmetry: in some cases even a small unbalance may generate high stress levels.

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