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Impiantistica navale
Impiantistica industriale
Insulation tests, dielectric polarization index with voltage  up to 5 KV

Megger BM11 D
DC tests, dielectric polarization index until to 20 KV

Baur PGK25
AC tests, dielectric strenght  up  to 20 KV

Pesatori 412/CPS-B
Test  supply up to 20 kV for dielectric test tgδ and capacity to earth

Hipotronics 720–20º5-D
Schering bridge for dielectric test tgδ and heart capacity  up to 20 kV

Ponte di schering
Sample condenser to test tgδ size and capacity to earth, 1000 pF value, voltage 20 kV

Tettex NK 30
Applied voltage test, normalized pulse test 1.2/50, surge test  up to 20 kV voltage

Risatti 412 CPS -B
Ohmic resistance test

OM 21

Endoscopic camera for non invasive internal tests

Iplex MX
Digital oscilloscope


Land ti35+
Vibrometrical portable  analyzer

CSI 2130

Balancing equipment

CEMB ZB 8000


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