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Impiantistica navale
Impiantistica industriale

In the Naval and Industrial Electro-Mechanical Service Department, A.SANTAMARIA S.r.l. performs its maintenance activity either on-site or at its own workshops.

Activity on site
Activity in workshop

Activities on site
Service Disassembly and Maintenance of Alternators and Pumps for Cam Rudders. A.E.G. Gyro fins, together with  a wide range of Electro-Mechanical Machinery
Plants Electrical Plants, Installation of Engine Room and Cabin Cables
Electronics Automation, Instrumentation, Alarm Systems for Main Engines auxiliaries, pumps, etc.
Interphone, Order, Music, Telephony, Television, Audio-Visual Systems.
Transfer Maintenance Teams to attend National & International Harbours to repair Navigation equipment. Maintenance & Reconstruction of Machinery and Electrical Systems
Supplies National, and Foreign Electrical Material, New and Used Machinery, Generators, Power Units and Original Spare Parts
Sound &
Local Entertainment, Public Address, Radio & TV System Consultancy and Maintenance
Vibrometric controls
Dynamic balancing of rotors (turbines, ventilators, ) with the use of:
  • electronic dynamic balancing machines.
  • diagnostic checks of vibrations
Thermography Mecchanical and electrical maintenance: preventive temperature controls of contacts and connections to power lines, distribution panels, cables. Overheating of bearings, bushings, engine turbines and more.
Digital endoscopy Endoscopy can be used on: rotating electrical equipments, valves, boilers, interspaces, reducers, heat exchangers; the endoscope is particularly useful on inspection on gas engines (both diesel and petrol) in the analysis of explosion chambers, without disasseble the head.
Electrical tests The non invading electrical tests allow to verify the safety of insulation of windings of engines, to evaluate the status and, eventually, to plan specific operations to restore the equipment.
Usually the non invading  tests on rotating electrical equipments are:
  • Mesure of the insulating resistance
  • Tests of pulse voltage –surge test-
  • Mesure of polarization index
  • Mesure of the resistor of statoric and rotoric windings
  • Tests on partial discharges

Activity in workshops
Service Disassembly, Maintenance, Repair and Reconstruction of Electrical Motors & Pumps.
Winding Rewinding in direct current and alternate current for any kind of power machinery in low and medium tension (6000 V ).
Balancing Dynamic balancing of rotors (turbines, ventilators, ) with the use of  electronic dynamic balancing machine with work field up 10.000kg.
Testing room We can test motors idling test:
  • DC motors until to 600 KW
  • AC asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotor until to 400KW
  • AC asynchronous motors with winding cage rotor until to 1000 KW
Load test:
  • DC motors until to 200 KW
Electronic Naval automation, instrumentation, manufacturing of  electrical Panels, electronic machinery designed by A.E.G., repair of electronics cards in general (analogue and digital).
Realization of sensor with special Specifications as requested by the customer
Insurance Insurance for  works up to  € 500.000.


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