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Impiantistica navale
Impiantistica industriale
Service Disassembly, Maintenance, Repair and Reconstruction of Electrical Motors & Pumps
Winding d.c. and a.c. rewinding for any kind of low and medium voltage power equipment (6000 V ).
Balancing Dynamic balancing of rotors (turbines,  fans ) usng  electronic dynamic balancing machine  from 50  up 10.000  kg.
Test room Idling tests possible for:
  • motors up to 600 KW
  • asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotor up to 400KW
  • asynchronous motors with winding cage rotor up to 1000 KW
Load test:
  • DC motors up to 200 KW
Electronic Industrial automation, instrumentation, power boards manufacturing, home designed electronic machinery, repair of electronics cards in general (analogue and digital). Telephone systems in general. Manufacture of customized sensors.
Insurance Total customer’s risk insurance coverage up to € 500.000.


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