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Impiantistica navale
Impiantistica industriale

Endoscopic control

The endoscopic analysis is a visual control method of points where the traditional equipments of visual inspection means have no access.

Endoscopy can be used on: rotating electrical equipments, valves, boilers, interspaces, reducers, heat exchangers; the endoscope is particularly useful on inspection on gas engines (both diesel and petrol) in the analysis of explosion chambers, without disassembling the head.

Detectable anomalies:
In the electromechanical field it allows to detect the damage and to look at parts of equipment difficult to be reached in any other way.
In the mechanical field it allows a very good vision of  kiners and pistons in gas engines with the possibility to detect damages or presence of water,   check of wear and tear in reductors and the presence of rust or corrosion inside valves or exchangers.

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