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In the last years we used more and more infrared thermography during the predictive analysis and maintenance of electrical equipments.
The ability to detect critical situations and hidden defects before a damage arises, and the possibility to work during system operation are the most appreciable characteristics.
The thermographic analysis allows to detect details which are found at higher temperatures than usual, and that sometimes comes up with a critical situation or with a situation of pre-damage.

The thermographical analysis is possible on every L.V. power board in BT, to every rotating power equipments either synchronous or asynchronous and on transformers; moreover, it is possible on every M power board equipped with a infrared transparent porthole.

Detectable anomalies:
The thermographic analysis of the rotating electrical equipments underlines overheating spots, areas of possible degradation of insulation, it also allows to estimate the condititons of refractories inside the system while in operation, to schedule the possible restoration or replacement.
In the power boards analysis analysis it is possible to detect problems, to the joints, badly working fuses, overheatings due to unbvalanced loads, non-balanced loads and anomalous overheating of several equipment.

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